Robert Taylor


I began my career as a Software Engineer for an ISP based in Lancashire. Cutting my teeth on the automation of several products and services, such as domain name registration, email, and internet connectivity.

In 2006 I joined Thus (Demon Internet) as a Development Manager, working with multiple teams around the country, using various programming languages and disciplines.

My experiences across development, test and business teams lead me to focus on improving software delivery working practices, by introducing agile ways of working. Most notably using small, incremental business requirements, and putting testing first in the development process. Delivering working code in short timeboxed iterations, to stakeholders throughout the business.

In January 2009 I took a time out from my career for a season, learning to be a snowboard instructor in British Columbia, Canada. On my return to the UK I moved to London, choosing roles which would challenge me to further focus on delivery and the business side of technical projects.

Since joining ITV at the start of 2011, I’ve seen a great deal of change within the Online and Technology areas of the organisation. I’m very enthusiastic about the opportunities ITV has in this area, and I’m keen to be a part of its growth.

About me

An unashamed gadget nut, and all-round general technology geek. I’m a Lancashire lad, first born in a family of three girls and one boy. Played football from an early age, and heavily involved with Morecambe Football Club in my formative years. Outside of technology my passion is snowboarding, travelling and photography. I also love a good cup of tea.